Unrevealled the Mystery of Time

What a new perspective this story gave me! Often, I realize that the day is over and am left scratching my head wondering where did the time go. It always feels as though I did not play enough video games or basketball, or that I missed going to see my friends. Yet it is midnight on Sunday night, and I am still doing my homework. In this way, weekends are not fun. and it’s not fair that they go so fast for me—I am just a kid.
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My Best Trip Ever, Discovered Key to Success

Every year, we go to India, and it is the trip we all look forward to the most throughout the year. Of all our trips so far, this was the most amazing trip.

When we landed in India, my Dad revealed that he had planned a surprise weekend at an adventure park in Lonavala.
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POEM: Water Bottles: By Anuj Shah

I am used harshly!

I am thrown;

In the trash.

I am flipped;

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Karoly Takacs

What an amazing story.  My father shares these stories with me every week, and this story specifically touched me.

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My 1st Blog and the Lemonade Recipe

Could not think of what I would write for my 1st Blog and while I was sitting down got a glass of Lemonade. And I said why not I share my world-famous lemonade called Limbu Pani in Indian with the world.
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