Iqbal – Controlling Anger

As mentioned in Iqbal – Never Give Up, Iqbal was very determined, but you may not know that he couldn’t control his anger growing up.  There were several things which contributed to this partially his disability with his speech, the fact that while he was passionate for Cricket his father did not support him, and other limitations of life.

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Iqbal – Never Give Up

I watched a movie with my family and what a new perspective it gave me. The movie is about a kid who is born deaf and dumb, but he is determined to pursue his dream. His name was Iqbal and he had unbelievable determination to achieve his dream which was to play cricket for India’s team.
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There are No Shortcuts in Life

It was the end of break and back to school. This year I got selected to participate in synopsys science fair. I was fortunate to get shortlisted to represent our school along with other participants for the synopsys fair. Synopsys is an yearly science fair where over 2,000 students participate to present new innovation.

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Not Just Fun – Family Fun

It was finally time for fun, but not just any fun, family fun. After all 8 weeks of studies and stress, my mom and dad surprised me with a trip. It turned out not to just a great trip, but a spark of life.

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The True Training of Life

The big day has finally come after 8 years. I started karate when I was 4 years old and now it was time to test for my black belt. This was not just a test for my belt, but test of life. My teacher told me testing for black belt was more than just doing Karate by meant taking on new challenges and responsibilities. I also had to worry about my 2nd term finals, the karate tournament, and demo practice. It all came at the same time. Read more

Nature is my Friend

It was my first trip, away from home on my own. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to have fun. Before I left I was a bit nervous and my dad reminded me, do not worry, nature is always there to help me. With that I was relieved and ready for an adventurous and fun trip.

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Christmas 2017 – What made it so special

My wishes to everyone for a very happy New Year. I was thinking about what to write for the Christmas blog, and during our Christmas party it struck me what my 2018 was going to be about. Let me take a moment to share a bit about my family’s annual Christmas party which I look forward to every year. Read more

Dude Perfect – Never Give Up

The best part of this video is when they break the world record for highest basketball shot (500 feet). I like this because it is motivational—it shows the importance of not giving up in life. Seeing them making that shot and seeing how much they celebrated, I think it must have taken them hours or maybe even days to make that shot!

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Unrevealled the Mystery of Time

What a new perspective this story gave me! Often, I realize that the day is over and am left scratching my head wondering where did the time go. It always feels as though I did not play enough video games or basketball, or that I missed going to see my friends. Yet it is midnight on Sunday night, and I am still doing my homework. In this way, weekends are not fun. and it’s not fair that they go so fast for me—I am just a kid.
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My Best Trip Ever – Discovered Key to Success

Every year, we go to India, and it is the trip we all look forward to the most throughout the year. Of all our trips so far, this was the most amazing trip.

When we landed in India, my Dad revealed that he had planned a surprise weekend at an adventure park in Lonavala.
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