The Power of Listening

Most people think I have a short attention span. They are right, but one thing I noticed about myself is that even if you don’t have a long attention span, you must still listen for as long as you can. This blog was inspired out of the blue when my mom and dad said, “Anuj, you are a good kid, but there is power in listening and not reacting.” This is not only at home but also in your jobs and at all points in your life, no matter how high you are in your rank and ability.

I have noticed some things that relate to the importance of listening over the past years, but this summer my dad has taken me to the office with him and made me attended some of his meetings. Even though my dad has a high rank in his job, he still has to listen to his colleagues and vibrants. I have listened and seen that my dad has to listen to his employees as much as they do to him.  I have also seen that no matter how many drafts they have done on the same project, they still put the same amount of effort and power to listen to positive and negative advice. My family says that if I don’t listen to everyone, even my younger sister, I will fall in life. This rule doesn’t matter how old you are or how much your experience is in the topic. My guru, Rajen uncle also listens more than giving advice no matter how high he is in spirituality. He says that everyone must pause before we speak and react. What harm do we get by saying yes and not reacting? I have a question that I would love to share with all of you. Is listening only mental? I don’t know the correct answer, but I think that listening is as strong or stronger than doing and reacting at most times.

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One thing that I have noticed is that all problems start with not listening and doing what your ego wants. Your ego is like the monkey inside your head, telling you what you want to hear. This makes you arrogant and overconfident. Sometimes your ego will tell you that you are right, other times it will say that everyone is wrong. People think that these mean the same thing, but the truth is that everyone is right from their own perspective and point of view. When we were coming back from one of our trips in Mangalore, my mom was giving my sister some juice in a glass. My dad said that you should blow into the straw and take out the straw so the glass will build pressure and pour out the juice. My mom wanted to listen, but the ego took over and some of the juice spilled. That means that you should listen and not react right away. My sister and I fight at times, but it stops if I do not react and take a pause. I would love to listen to your thoughts on what listening means to you in the comments.

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    Anju Your blog on Joy and Listening are really good and throw some very good quality of principal one should follow in his/her life. Keep it up.

  2. madhu shah
    madhu shah says:

    excelat note If we starting listening as you say half of the problem will solved because you are putting your ego on the side thank you for sharing your block god bless you and keep it up l

  3. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    Listening is a skill that needs to be practiced. I agree with your assessment. I don’t listen to a lot of Rajenbhai’s lectures , but the one thing that has resonated with me from what I have heard is “pause before you react”. I am trying to slowly practice it, but I have a long way to go. Feel free to remind me if you think I am not listening and reacting quickly.
    Keep blogging.
    Love, Sheila Fai

  4. tejal shah
    tejal shah says:

    Very insightful, always something to learn, no matter the age. You are very wise to open your mind, you will be smarter for it. Keep blogging and bringing focus on the fundamentals concepts that make the life better

    Love tejal kaki

  5. Amit Gandhi
    Amit Gandhi says:

    Hey Anuj
    It is a really nice blog. My grandparents and parents always tried explaining.. God has given everyone two ears and one mouth in a proportion of 2:1. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to understand this math.
    Thank you

  6. Heli
    Heli says:

    Dear Anuj ,
    You have come a long way …I always look forward to read your blogs. Keep up the good work ?
    Listening is the key for clarity of one’s thought … and we should react keep in mind opposite person’s perspective. I feel in process of listening sometimes we stick to the words the person is speaking and oversee his emotions. Here too ur mind and heart plays the role …. if u just listen for sake of listening u are just activating ur mind … but when u take a pause and blank ur mind …. your heart will convert listening into learning ?


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