Taking What We Have For Granted

Yesterday, I watched the movie Gully Boy. It was a story of a boy, who lived in a crowded community where his family could barely make ends meet. On top of that, his father and mother had a struggling relationship, which added to his challenges. His life story had a lot of lessons. The song that best summarizes his passion and inner belief, which made him from who he was to the famous Gully Boy, was his 1st song which came from the heart – Apna Time Aayega.

Watching this movie last night got me thinking, what if Gully Boy was from a middle class family instead of having such struggles of life. While he had a hidden talent with words, he was shy and did not have a personality of confrontation. Would he still have strived to overcome these weaknesses? I believe if he was someone who had a comfortable job, while it may not have given him all the luxuries of life he would not have pursued and pushed himself to overcome his fears and awaken the “Gully Boy” in him.

Thinking of this reminds of what my Guru Rajenuncle says, “Each one of us in our lifetime gets a handful of opportunities, which can be transformational.” The main difference is if we able to grab it and act on it at that given moment in time. Most of the time we are not in a life or death situation and therefore believe that these opportunities will always be available, therefore; we end up missing out on them.

Well with that it has left me thinking of what I need to change in my life. When we watch such inspirational movies we realize how fortunate we are, but in hours thereafter we quickly forget and go back to acting like before, with no change. For me I am going to start by making a conscious effort of when to use the famous Gujarati Word “Chale” which means it is okay and do not worry, but may be I need to. I need to grab the opportunities of life that lie in front of me and not become lazy about them, whether it is double checking my work, making an attempt to eat better, overcoming my laziness when it comes to reading, etc.

This blog is dedicated to being grateful for what we have and not taking things for granted. As you know for many years I have been supporting the American Heart Association annual fundraiser. Every year more than 600,000 people die from heart disease. Below is a story of a boy named Finn who has had over 14 surgerys as he yet not even 3. To donate please go to my webpage or go to my facebook account and donate from there. Thanks for all your support throughout the years.

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  1. SheIla
    SheIla says:

    It was a good movie, wasn’t it? So much to learn. It was well made, with lessons on trust, honor, standing up for yourself and those that are weaker, women’s rights, etc.
    good luck with your campaign for the AHA!
    Sheila Fai


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