Summer Time – Discovering Treasures of Life

Well it’s summer and I am excited.  You must be thinking what Hidden Treasures am I talking about.  All year long I am busy with school or other extracurricular activities and do not get much time to sit and down and focus on things I want to learn, new things I want to discover or even search for some of the mysteries of life. Growing up due to my dad’s work going to India for the summer became sort of a family tradition, but somewhere in that journey I have fallen in love with my Motherland India that as soon as New Year start I start looking forward to when Summer will come and I will get to go to India.

Recently in a family conversation over dinner my Aunt and cousins asked me what is so special about India that you leave for India right away as soon as school is off.   I responded it is all the fun I have there such as going to the malls, eating street food and going places. There was nothing special about my response but this got me thinking more and more about the question.   Later in the week we had one of our spiritual leaders visit us and in one of the conversation he mentioned there are certain thing in life that are easy to explain and will make sense to the logical mind, but there are others which you can never explain but just experience.  That is when it struck me, it is something I feel when I come to India and experience which I do not have words to describe but I know it makes me who I am.

For me the summer is all about trying new things, being around new people and experiencing life in new ways.  As you have learnt from my past blogs there are certain qualities of things I am trying to learn and change, transform my weaknesses into my strengths like Iqbal did in Iqbal – Controlling Anger.   Well stay tuned I will share more about my trip over the next couple of months as I am excited as I spend my summer in India.  I would love to hear what all of you are doing this wonderful summer.

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  1. Sheila Juthani
    Sheila Juthani says:

    Anuj, it is great that you are able to spend each summer in India and that you embrace these experiences. You will definitely remember them all when you look back. I am enjoying your blogs, as I learn more about you through them. Looking forward to the next one.


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