Socialization Marathon

The monsoon weather here, in India is great. The rain showers are warm and welcomes you to dance with it. My dad has arrived and it is pouring heavily, but we are excited to start our socialization marathon. In the next 48 hours we will meet more than 50 members of our wonderful family. I am excited to see everyone more so, to eat all my favorite treats and sweets with them. That is the true joy of India.

I get to see my family here once a year for a moments each year but it never feels like it has been so long and the relationship are fresh and the conversations are full of laughter and fun. I do not know what it is but there is a natural inner connection and pull I feel, even with people who are my Dad’s or Grandfather’s friends who are much older to me, they shower me with love and blessings as if I am their son.  I love it, they buy me whatever I want and I am like a king in my kingdom. As a small example we went to one place and they had chocolate ice cream and my sister wanted something else, my uncle took the little princess on a bike to the store and got her whatever she wanted. There are endless stories and while each moment is so small but teaches me something so deep about life which I cannot express, all I can say is I have a lot to learn from my extended family.

This year I had a game changing realization. While all these years we would visit friends and family, I would wonder why my dad would always take me to everyone’s houses and we would be on marathon going house to house. I finally realized that I have a special emotional connection with each house just like my mom and dad. In these past 48 hours each day we had four breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners, and endless desserts.  It is not the food, but the selfless love, care, and oneness in each moment.

My dad always says that this connection with family and friends will not only help me become a better person, but it will help me grow my roots and give me something to look forward to here in India. Today, I greatly appreciate the emphasis that my dad has put in investing in relationships.  Come and join me to enjoy the joy and love of India.

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