Sleep’s Affect on Life

Over the last few weeks, I had a few late nights. Some were because of school, some were me helping my dad out with his business and some were for just being ignorant and watching movies or youtube. While each gave me a deprivation to sleep how I felt the next day got me thinking and inspired me to write on this topic.

I am realizing that while there is the physical tiredness due to the lack of sleep, each different reason for me staying awake each day has a different experience. The different effects that each has on my psychological development are that school will help me later on in life and I feel that I did something positive the next day, helping my dad makes me tired the next day but I feel a source of achievement, and that when I watch youtube or movies I feel tired and irritated the next day and ruin a good night sleep. While it seems from me writing on this topic you must feel this kid knows so much on this topic and that he is behaved but unfortunately I am writing on this topic I am victim of the same.

It is almost like an addiction but I am challenging myself this spring break to focus on my personal development and not slack off.  I want to develop the next version of the New and Upcoming to be launched before summer break. So help me stay accountable to my goal and I must fight this inner desire which makes me drift away from things where my golden period of life and time I have to develop and create something which impresses people and helps me not drift away from my focus of life. Thank you for your constant support and please subscribe to if you are not subscribed yet or follow me on facebook to be notified everytime I publish a new blog. Thank you for all your support and thank you for helping me stay on track with my blogs.

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  1. Sheila
    Sheila says:

    Sleep is important and while it’s ok to stay up once in a while, try not to make it a habit. Going to sleep by 9 pm on weekdays, will keep you awake in class and less lethargic. Veeru followed that schedule until 10th grade. Then of course, school work took over. Luckily, she wasn’t watching you tube or paying video games like Parth. Even today, when she stays up late, she knows she might fall sick. Your immunity is definitely compromised and you cannot make up for lost sleep.

  2. Ketan
    Ketan says:

    For past few years we have been following weekdays schedule of going to bed by 9:30pm helps us a lot. We are able to wake up at 4:00 am and follow exercise as well as early to work routines effectively. Somehow we feel energetic with early to bed routines and I would encourage everyone to follow that.

    Thank you,

  3. Anjan
    Anjan says:


    So happy to see the sharpness in your writing with each blog. Not only you are picking pertinent topics, the sheer effort to learn from things/incidents around us is remarkable. Your ability to introspect is quite uncommon with anyone at your age. Keep it up, this is all life is all about. How do we take learnings from everywhere and everything and make our lives and the world a better place. Keep it up and keep going. Look forward to your next blog.


  4. madhu shah
    madhu shah says:

    I am proud of you at least you understand what is right and what is wrong as long as you know you will choose the right path. You have to work hard initially and once you get the good habit of being focused no one can change it and you will do great, but you have to work hard to develop good habits. You are young so you can do it easily. Love you take care.

  5. Raj Thaker
    Raj Thaker says:

    Sleep is recharger of physical body,vwhereby min 8 hrs needed fr young growing boy like you.

    Focus on work, n body will demand it’s time if sleep. Try to keep away from distractions n u will retain a healthy physique


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