Hi, I am Anuj Shah

Well you can tell from my name I am Indian but not only by origin at heart.  While born in the US, in the past 12 yrs I have made more than 20+ Trips to India so my roots are deep Indian and very proud of my culture and heritage.  I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds and love traveling back and forth between the US and India.  I have been learning Karate since I was 5, and have the best teacher\friend and guide in the world Coach Roby.  Besides Karate I love playing basketball, soccer and Fortnite.  For the Summer love traveling to India and discovering new things about my culture and heritage.  My favorite color is Purple and love watching Kung Fu Panda and MECH X – 4.  And I can eat Mexican food all 365 days of the year.

Besides Karate I love playing basketball, soccer and Fortnite.

I love festivals and celebrate them all.  I am blessed to have Shri Rajenbhai as my Guru at such a young age from whom I have been learning new things in all walks of life.


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