What Turning Thirteen Means To Me

It has been one year since, I got my blog as a present for my birthday.  It has been the best gift, because of which I have been able to stay connected to all of you, my dear dear family. Many say, “With great age, comes great wisdom”, or is it power and responsibility. Some say that your thirteenth birthday is great, because you become more responsible and get your first phone.  My English teacher from the summer had me write an essay on what being adolescence was all about, so is that what it is? Well to me, it feels like a normal day, with having my Motorolla Razr phone, Blog, and my wonderful family around me. Read more

The Art of Giving In

The art of giving in is a very simple topic, but it can change many lives. This includes your own life and other people’s lives around you. There are two types of giving in. The first type of giving in is saying that I am superior or greater than you, therefore I am giving you this knowledge, gift, etc. The second type of giving in is the one you need to have if you want to become a better person in life. This type of giving in is when you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, it is very similar to perspective taking. I learned the second type of giving in from Rajen uncle, and I saw this type of perspective taking in my day to day life.

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Heart Versus Mind

Summer was fun and school has started for a month, it seems that I have not written a blog in forever. While school is not as much fun as summer, this is the time when my mentor, friend, and guru, Rajen uncle visit us in California and I wait for this all year round. He was with us for 3 weeks and I had an amazing time with him.  While he was here he had several seminars where he spoke on several topics, that apply to our day to day lives. Some of these topics were how events occur in our lives, the journey of the soul, and self-observation. The one big takeaway for me this year was how is the rush of life possibly we may have become a slave of reaction. This raised a question which I am trying to figure out. How would life be different if we did not react all the time?

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The Power of Listening

Most people think I have a short attention span. They are right, but one thing I noticed about myself is that even if you don’t have a long attention span, you must still listen for as long as you can. This blog was inspired out of the blue when my mom and dad said, “Anuj, you are a good kid, but there is power in listening and not reacting.” This is not only at home but also in your jobs and at all points in your life, no matter how high you are in your rank and ability.

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The Secret of Extracting Joy, To: Parth

This blog is special as I would like to dedicate this to my best friend and brother, someone who is always there for me all the time, Parth on his birthday today. Parth, I wish you a wonderful day. As I was writing this blog I was thinking of you and the fun times we have been goofing around, when we have been together whether we have been at home, outside or at social gatherings.

Last week while we were traveling and I noticed a bunch of kids playing on the streets. They hardly had much is what I could see from my normal eyes, but what I noticed was they were playing and having fun and they had something beyond what I could possibly do, which was being satisfied with what they had and unconditional love and joy.

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India on the Move – Witnessing the Future

My trip is progressing extremely well. As usual I am discovering new things, but I have been experiencing and witnessing a country going through tremendous evolution under a great leader, Prime Minister Modi. Sometimes we think to evolve things need to be complex but, what has amazed me is to see how the country has adapted simple and creative approaches to solving day to day necessities.  What has been the most exciting, is while the focus of the country is on growth they have a Go Green Movement Central to its growth strategy under the Swachh Bharat Initiative. Here are a few examples of the evolving India.

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Socialization Marathon

The monsoon weather here, in India is great. The rain showers are warm and welcomes you to dance with it. My dad has arrived and it is pouring heavily, but we are excited to start our socialization marathon. In the next 48 hours we will meet more than 50 members of our wonderful family. I am excited to see everyone more so, to eat all my favorite treats and sweets with them. That is the true joy of India.

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The Joys of India

So far summer has been a blast here in India. The first place we went to in India was Ahmedabad. We went there without my dad, since he had to finish up some work in the U.S. Over there in Ahmedabad, I met my aunt, uncle, and two cousins. In Ahmedabad I got a chance to relax, we went to the mall where we did various activities including rock climbing. This trip was a great way to kick off my summer vacation, fun & relaxing vacation without any studying.

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Elevate To Great

Wow Summer has started and we are already 15 days into the month, time surely goes by when you are having fun. It has been great reading what all exciting things many of you are doing for the summer in response to my last blog for which I am grateful. Well for me Summer has kicked in a big way, I was blessed to get an opportunity to be coached for 5 days by my coach, uncle and mentor, Brian Nunez. Brian uncle has launched his new book Elevate to Great and this was just what I needed to To Discover the Treasures in My Life.

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Summer Time – Discovering Treasures of Life

Well it’s summer and I am excited.  You must be thinking what Hidden Treasures am I talking about.  All year long I am busy with school or other extracurricular activities and do not get much time to sit and down and focus on things I want to learn, new things I want to discover or even search for some of the mysteries of life. Growing up due to my dad’s work going to India for the summer became sort of a family tradition, but somewhere in that journey I have fallen in love with my Motherland India that as soon as New Year start I start looking forward to when Summer will come and I will get to go to India.

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